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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When Will You Get a Round Tuit?

When I was a child my father sold life insurance. Insurance is a lot like a will in that everyone knows they need it, but no one wants to discuss it, much less take steps to make it happen. Because of that, he was often, much like I, relegated to a New Year's Resolution in the lives of his clients.

To counteract this, he kept a supply of Round Tuits on hand. Think about that: A Round Tuit. Whenever a client would tell him that they would purchase life insurance one day when they got around to it, he would reach into his desk drawer and hand them one. It was essentially a wooden nickel, but it said (and I am paraphrasing) "Have something you've been putting off? Now you've got a Round Tuit!"

Despite the kitch-ness of it all, I have often considered purchasing a supply of Round Tuits to keep in my desk. We all have something for which we need a Round Tuit as inspiration. An Estate Plan is something you should definitely get around to, sooner rather than later.