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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Importance of Honesty

Divorce can feel like a weight being lifted from your shoulders, or it can feel like a hammer coming down on your head. One determining factor between the two extremes is the relationship between you and your attorney. A good relationship makes everything easier, both because your attorney understands you and your priorities and because you understand exactly what your attorney wants from you.

The main thing your attorney truly needs from you is honesty. Divorce can be ugly, and so can the relationship that leads to it. Your attorney understands that, and will not judge you. At Legacy Northwest, we have seen situations where our clients have been wrong- and situations where they have been wronged. Either way, we need you to be honest with us up front. If you have made mistakes in the past we need to know in order to protect you. If you went through a period of heavy drinking or drug abuse but received treatment and changed your ways- we need to know. If you have a criminal history that is related or even unrelated to your marriage- we need to know. If there is anything your spouse might bring up to damage your character and reputation in a custody battle: financial indiscretions, incidents with or around the children, or any other issues under the sun- we need to know. The best way we can protect you from an attack is to make a plan in advance of its occurence. The only way we can know everything is if you tell us everything.

The main thing you need from your attorney is knowledge. At Legacy Northwest, we consider it of utmost importance to give our clients as much information as possible up front. While we may not have all the specifics about your case at the initial free consultation, we can often give you a general overview of the legal situation you encounter. Every situation is different, of course, but it can give you real peace of mind to know what the general flow of events will be from day one. We deal with divorce on a regular basis, whereas you will probably only deal with divorce this one time. We will provide you with information as to the timing, procedures, and costs of your dissolution. Honest answers both from you and from your attorney- one more way for Legacy Northwest to protect your legacy.